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Tooth Whitening Green Bay, WI and Other Major Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Posted on August 12th, 2014

Cosmetic surgery has gained popularity as more people realize its need and role. It is not just a beauty fad but encompasses reconstruction and restoration procedures that enable patients lead quality lives. This is both from the confidence of great looks and smiles to improved health. Previously, the most common cosmetic dentistry service was tooth whitening but this is no longer the case. For example, patients seeking obstructive sleep apnea Green Bay, WI experts realize that in fact they are seeking a cosmetic dentist services.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which the patient experiences limited airflow during sleep. It happens as a result of a narrowed or partially blocked air space. This leads to lesser amounts of oxygen reaching the various body parts. Obstructive sleep apnea can have serious consequences like the development of chronic conditions like high blood pressure, stroke and heart conditions. One of the most effective ways of treating this condition is the use of oral devices which ensure the air passage remains open during sleep. These devices can only be fitted correctly by a trained dentist.

There are two appliances used. The first is the Mandibular repositioning device which resembles the sports mouth guard. This works by snapping on both dental arches allowing for the pushing of the lower jaw forward. The result is an increased air passage that prevents air restriction. The second device is the tongue restraining device which as the name suggest works by preventing the tongue from rolling back and blocking the airway.

Tooth whitening Green Bay, WI dentist services could either be home based or done in the dentist’s clinic. It basically involves the use of hydrogen peroxide and other bleaching agents to break down the stained coat forming in and around the enamel. While there are many over the counter products patients can use on their own, having a dentist supervised program has many advantages. First, the doctor does a thorough examination and cleaning of the teeth and determines whether or not, tooth whitening will be effective. It is also safer especially for people with sensitive teeth.

Fixing veneers is the final major and common dentist service.  Using dental veneers Green Bay, WI dentists can help patients solve a number of problems. They can be used on teeth stained permanently, chopped or crooked ones, and on those with an odd shape or having spaces in between. The veneers are made of porcelain and are durable as well as have a great image.

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