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Tourist Guide to the Tenerife Islands

Posted on August 14th, 2015

The Spanish Canary Islands are seven in number and Tenerife is the largest of the islands. This island is well linked and a great place to visit for your vacation mainly because it has a sunny weather throughout the whole year. This article is a Tenerife travel guide and will affirm you of the reasons why you need to visit Tenerife. There is so much to be seen and experienced on the island ranging from the historical buildings to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and from awesome volcanic scenes to amazing fishing bays.

Resorts and Accommodation

There are quite a few well-liked resorts all around Tenerife island, some of the most well-liked located in Playa Paraiso, Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Gigantes, Los Cristianos, in the area of Golf del Sur, El Medano, Las Americas, close to Amarilla Golf and Callao Salvaje. The travel guide for Tenerife, Spain - Lonely Planet has accommodation within resorts. Others are typically hotels, self-catering apartments, lodgings, villas, holiday houses, rural houses and bungalows. Each of the accommodations have different ratings which often change and fluctuate accordingly. You can book your accommodation plans for Tenerife even before you begin your journey.

A Short History

People have been living on the island since many occasions in the past. However, it wasn't right until years later during rapid civilization when the western globe grew and became interested in Tenerife. The island was ultimately conquered by Spain in 1495 and was made to be part of Europe. Even as it enjoys the ever developing economic activities mainly tourism, Tenerife is now governed by Spain. A Tenerife travel guide gives you some of the best insights on the island’s rich history. There are guides who will also enlighten you more about the island once you get there. The history lovers are therefore, covered.

Traveling to Tenerife

Flying might be the simplest and easily the potential realistic option when travelling to the Canary Islands. There are two main airports serving Tenerife Islands, Reina Sofia Worldwide Airport located in the south and Los Rodeos Worldwide Airport situated in the north. However, so long as you are within the neighboring Canary Islands or Spain using a boat is an easier option. This might be however pricey and time consuming. So long as you are on the island it is very easy to get you way all around with the perfect Tenerife Travel Guide. There are readily available automobile frequent taxis; automobile operators and the bus services are excellent.

No vacation or tour ends without shopping. The best buying spot is the resort at Santa Cruz where you get almost all designer labels sold by regular higher street retailers. If you like bargains there is also an industry which is once a week on Sunday to offer you the best bargains. Los Cristianos is the best for souvenirs. It is located well in the south of the island. You can never have enough of Tenerife when it comes to shopping. All you have to do is identify the best shopping spots in your Tenerife Travel guide and exhaust them during your travel.

Sights and Attraction

This is certainly the best part. Natural sceneries are the best sightseeing on Tenerife Islands even though other interesting scenes originate from incredible manmade attractions. Start by taking a vehicle to the Anaga Mountains which has an assortment of spectacular sceneries and fantastic views. Your Tenerife travel guide should also have a visit to the deepest in the Islands at Barranco del Infierno. You can also extend this to see the landscapes around Vilaflor. You –will feel like you are on the moon. Other features are the gorgeous national park located at Las Canadas del Teide which is a must see for all sightseeing enthusiasts.

If you want to enjoy the best in Tenerife, then make sure you use Tenerife Travel Guide . You have all what it takes ensure that you enjoy the best of Tenerife Spain Lonely Planet available. There are numerous establishments and restaurants which will offer you just that. Besides, you will also get other cuisines like the Indian cuisines as well as the English cuisine.

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