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Win safewow Cheap 8% off ESO Gold to Enjoy Imperial City Gates in Elder Scrolls

Posted on September 24th, 2015

The first expansion of Elder Scrolls Online – Imperial City has been available on Xbox one and PS4 in the mid of this month and now players can enjoy it with cheap eso gold on all available consoles. However, the fact that Imperial City opens with no restrictions always disturb players. Fortunately, Zenimax has heard players’ feedback and created a campaign with locked gates. is your best eso gold PC/PS4/Xboxone seller online ,Welcome to Use 8% discount code SW8OCT for 8% off eso gold buying for 10.01-10.07!

Imperial city gates are greatly anticipated by eso players

According to the news from, players are disturbing much due to that fact that imperial city can be entered by everyone in the campaign no matter the faction. Gamers have nothing to be required when they accomplished in Cyrodill to unlock the new location. This has become a trouble for many players who want a pure farming.

Basically, with the campaign always available, if players completely conquered the campaign then they will own everything that is definitely having little to concern of. If players have no locks, you can have a look on the challenge for make sure of the things to do. Besides, since every player has the chance to enter the content, the content may be broken down for many times. In a recent Zenimax Twitch Stream, the developers were playing Aldmeri Dominion and enjoying the zone in the very beginning, but when they met the opponents who began farming them, they get wiped incredibly fast while fighting a NPC, and even when they spawned the enemy players were there waiting for them.

Advantages to get gates to Imperial City in eso

Based on all inconvenience above, some players voiced out their concerns to add gates that players can access to Imperial City only when they control Cyrodiil. And the good news is that a campaign with locked gates is finally available for imperial city, which brings many advantages.

1. Give players option to earn items by effort
With the locked gates, players can have the option of working to earn something. In imperial city, there are many kinds of currency items that require a bit of time to obtain. But it is not bad thing. Creating something that takes time to obtain make more sense than just giving players items without any real work involved. So as you can see Imperial City is going to have players spending many hours within its gates, would it be better to have players working outside the city and take control of Cyrodiil to begin working towards the gear and item sets they want?

2. Players can enjoy challenge and survive from being farming
Within this new campaign, the players in it are all likeminded players and want to earn their rewards instead of having them handed to them. They can put their skills to the test and challenging themselves. Besides, they can avoid being repeatedly raided and killed. Gamers will be able to log in their stealth class and kill the enemies when they entered the zones. But when they died, they’d spawn back on their side and getting back to the enemy side without a team wasn’t easy to do as the creatures down there were very powerful.

The gates and requirements to open Imperial City offer a lot more functionality to the zone and for the players, keep the engagement in Cyrodiil and inside Imperial City itself. Will you take this new gated campaign mechanic as your home campaign? Buy cheap eso gold for sale on Safewow to have a try.

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