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Some Wellness tips which can change your life

Posted on December 18th, 2015

Some Wellness tips which can change your life

Health should be the utmost priority of everyone, and the number one way to stay healthy is to wake up early in the morning and have a good punctual routine. However, none of us is able to accomplish this close to impossible task when we stay up late at night.

Around 80% of the people over 75 years wake up early. It also makes a person confident in themselves as they feel good in being responsible and punctual. Early mornings also boost a person’s mind resulting in a better quality of work. The person is also 3 times more productive and efficient in the morning. 

Enjoying the beauty of an early morning also has a positive effect on the person’s physical as well as emotional state. There is a certain positivity of looking forward to the new day ahead.

Sleeping disorders  has many cons from worsening your health to affecting your work. The stress of getting ready in the last minute is just uncalled for and can be avoided easily. The mind ends up getting confused and dazed while the heart accelerates. We end up skipping breakfast which has a huge hand in the deterioration of one’s health. Being fresh and alert makes a person make better decisions and also gives the person creative ideas. Being late to work not only makes you look irresponsible and lazy, but will also end up blocking new opportunities for you.

Getting up early is the ideal time to exercise or workout. If you have been planning since ages to tone down your body or get physically fit, this is the time to do so. After coming home from college or work, one feels so tired that the last thing they want to do is further exert their tired body. This will also make you feel good about yourself as you will be accomplishing your goals plus making yourself look good which will boost your esteem. Confidence is very important to have, it can actually make or break you. If you feel confident in yourself, you end up doing your work with confidence as well which in turn makes people have confidence in you too.

The number one need of waking early is to go to bed early. An average adult needs around seven to eight hours of sleep every day. This means that one will have to cut down on many of their social commitments as one has to be home early to jump into bed and catch up on those hours. The moment you get used to sleeping early, you will have no problems in waking up early, in fact you will look forward to waking up every morning.

Once you get used to the routine, it will be easier to stick to it. Reward yourself for the effort you do in being responsible and punctual. Treat yourself to a morning walk, a good breakfast or the view of the sunrise. Make it worth it by enjoying the little things. You will feel happier and your health will considerably improve as well. People will also start noticing the difference and some would even feel inspired to follow your footsteps. That in turn would give your esteem a huge boost.

The advantages of wake up early  are countless. Have a healthy lifestyle and be a healthy person, that will be your path to success.

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