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Charisma: What is it and how you can get it?

Posted on July 4th, 2016

For many of us, the most charismatic person is who seems very tempting through his/her communicating skills. However, if you are asked that who has been the best speaker for in the past few years? It will be difficult for you to answer, yes, it is a tough question. This is not mandatory for everyone to answer same not it is mandatory for everyone to possess the same type of qualities and therefore no one can be compared. After all, everyone is unique in them. Well, a few of the renowned personalities can't forget such as the Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and presently Narendra Modi.

Have you ever thought what makes them stand out among other famous personalities? And can you be equally impressive to someone? Well, it is the 'charisma' and for you, the answer is yes. Definitely, anyone can, all they need is the knowledge of what, when, and how to deliver.  

However, before one learns what are the keys that can make the normal speech into the impressive speaking, you need to understand what is charisma?

In a nutshell, the charisma is nothing but the attractiveness  and charm which all of the famous speakers carry in them commonly. They have the unique ability to connect to the with their audience, interacting with their emotions of the audience.

Now, you must be questioning about how the charisma can be developed? Well, in a study it has been revealed that 50% of the ability in  y birth, but yet it is not mandatory that other can't obtain it. All that actually works is the technique of the right delivery. In order to learn the basic of being an impressive speaker, you need to understand the below-mentioned points very clearly.

  • The monotone voice can never compel the audience to be a listener. In order to make the group listen what you are saying one must achieve the fluctuations in their speaking. Here, the fluctuations mean you need to add all the necessary and required pauses, emphasis on  the words and the questions to engage the listener in finding the solution. Well, actually these qualities are the key to the teaching and presentations of the corporate world. However, this is not enough and one should go for the corporate communications training in Singapore. 
  • Another basic to make the speech interesting and listeners learn the message, you need to frame it in a story. However, it may be a daunting task for the one to accomplish, but the experiences and the story have the potential to get more attention. In a long speech, these are this is the key point and for sharing such a valuable information you the listener will be always thankful to you.
  • Always be expressive of what you want to say. Employ the tactic of media training companies  which includes that let the flow of thoughts be in momentum. Sometimes, what you want to say can only be expressed unconsciously, which hits the listeners.
  • Use the adage 'a picture is more impressive than the thousand words'. This is one of the basics of communications training in Singapore that if you will let the audience imagine what you are trying to communicate, then you have already crossed more than the halfway of your journey to impress and convince the listener. Not only this, this is so effective tool that it lasts in the memory of the listener more than any compilation of the fact and figures. 

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