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Know the characteristics of cork for soundproofing floors

Posted on September 12th, 2016

Using cork as flooring material yields many benefits. Many cork manufacturers boast the comfort of their flooring material as it makes for a comfortable surface, and also rates as one of the best materials for good for soundproofing floors. Cork flooring is light on maintenance and is resistant to dust, allergens, molds, mildew and moisture. These characteristics help to make it the best basement flooring material.

Cork has a waxy component naturally produce in its genetic structure that works as an effective insect repellant. Cork floors will help to keep a home free of insects, an ideal material to use in living rooms and bedrooms where there is heavy traffic. This wax known as suberin also give cork the ability to resist the growth of mold and mildew, both of which are harmful to the people and furniture. Cork is also guaranteed to be naturally free of any harmful and toxic gas. Should a piece of cork catch flame it will not release any fumes that may be dangerous to the health of humans. The honeycomb-like structure of cork, with its millions of air cells, gives it a natural insulating property and is ideal for homes where heat or cold retention is a necessity. This structure also provides a sound inhibiting barrier, making it difficult for noise to travel through the material, so it is perfect for soundproofing floors.

Cork flooring is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. Cork floors have even been combined with other materials to improve their texture and depth of color. These materials often include rubber, vinyl or other recycled components.

Natural cork is usually of a tan brown color and filled with many holes, but new technique and innovation have brought cork flooring into the new millennium and now are available in colors that cover the entire range of the rainbow. Cork floors come in dark shades of red and light cream tones, even bright blues to match the sky. Such variety allows cork to blend in with the designs of any home. Take your time to mix and match with any type of furniture or décor. Your imagination is the limit. And don’t worry, these colors in no way detract from the natural abilities of cork. The properties nature made to cork are retained no matter which color these versatile cork floors possess.

Cork flooring comes in two distinct designs for installation. The first one is the glue-down tile method. This method has a low cost for the cork tiles themselves but a larger cost on the installation process. Glue-down tiles require a time and labor intensive installation on a very clean and even surface. Otherwise, the finished floor can come out jagged or curved after the glue sets. Cork flooring installed in this manner is also more expensive and harder to repair. The second method is what is known as a floating floor. This is more popular between the two with home renovators. As the name implies, these planks use specially made tongue and grove edges that easily lock into place. This type of installation can be done on almost any surface, including uneven floors and ground. As a result, floating cork floors are the option to take for the best basement flooring.

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