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Sultan Bahu ? - The Great Mystic Teacher of the END OF TIMES

Posted on September 11th, 2017

The Great Mystic Teacher Sultan Bahu ® was born in Shorkot, a city in Punjab, Pakistan. The Parents of Sultan Bahu ® were themselves saints and his spiritually blessed mother Rasti ®, once saw a blessed dream, in that dream came the news of her being blessed with a child, full of spiritual qualities. Verily, today we witness Spiritual luminance of Sultan Bahu ® and his teachings spread worldwide across, benefiting many a seeker in the given end of times, with help of his spiritual books, poetry and his Great Spiritual Shrine.

The Great Mystic lived in the periods of ca 1628 – 1691, and he is from the Progeny of the Great Ali ®. He is the founder of Sarwari Qadiri Sufi Order. Sultan Bahu ® lived a very simple life, he did not desire or sought pomp, wealth or a great number of followers. In fact, Sultan Bahu ® kept his outer appearances simple and his actions to be looked as of a weird individual so that people will keep distances from him and just his mad due to his simplicity and appearances, while in contrary he had held the secrets of the world and the beyond in his heart.

Its no secret, that the place of his resting grave was moved twice and only then start to arouse his spiritual fame and magnificence. The moving of his shrine was no coincidence and has an influencing spiritual story of its own, and all of sudden the spiritual books of Sultan Bahu ® also started to gain popularity and realisation among people. The books once that were spread in different parts of the subcontinent and were a complete unknown treasure just like his wonderful great spiritual personality immediately acquired fame, hence the spiritual nature of his books and his shrine become the centre of attention of many seekers. The regular reading of his books acted to spiritually transform the people and changing their life. The great spiritual blessings attached to his blessed place of Grave (Shrine) are unlike many any other Sufi Shrine.

The Great Sultan Bahu ® lived a life full of secrecy and simplicity, though right from his birth, he was the centre of attention of the people. While in his early childhood that whom so ever non-Muslim, glanced upon his beautiful face on immediate reaction the person became a Muslim and upon this arouse the deep concerns of the villager man, thus they requesting his mother, to only allow the child out of home at certain times, in order to keep themselves intact with their different faith.

Its said, once upon time, the child fell physically ill and since the local Dr was a Hindu, he immediately refused to visit Sultan Bahu ® at his home, on the fear of loosing his faith, however on the repeated request’s the Dr accepted to treat the child and asked to be brought the urine of the child in order to treat and prescribe him medicine, however amazing is the child and the things associated to him, that just due to the smelling of the urine he too became a Muslim.

There are various miracles attached to this blessed spiritual personality, similarly helping a needy person with his one look making the stone’s turned into gold. Though he was of great spiritual stature but he keep solitude and never delivered sermons like the religious scholars, he lived simple and but with his short stay he helped many a while attain the secrets of Lord. He has left behind a legacy in the means of his simple life and his great books and poetry that continue to inspire and are means to attain spirituality and know the true realities of life, mysteries and true human potential. Its stated what ever one seeks on the visit to his Shrine, he gets granted the desire of his heart whether the desire is of worldly nature or any other.

To know more about his Life or to read his Spiritual Books and Poetry whom all are available in Persian, Urdu and English Language, make visit to the following website for complete information’s:

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