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Rumors About PS3 Games Playstation 3 And Their Justifications

Posted on October 26th, 2010

The much awaited release of the PS3 Games and the new PlayStation console is fast approaching and is just months from meeting the deadline. It is very much anticipated by fans and consumers because of the promising press releases about its performance and new innovations. However, there are rumors about the upcoming PS3 Games and the console itself that are somewhat misleading. It is even making the market somewhat apprehensive of their anticipation.

Among these are rumors that PS3 Games would not be allowed to be re-sold by consumers. According to sources, Sony is planning to acquire a licensing system that would hinder buyers from owning the software of the game itself. This would mean that a purchase of a particular game would only mean that the buyer is purchasing for a right to play the game ? not own it. This may strike people as somewhat infrin... paste your article here... ging, but Sony has quite a number of good reasons for doing so, if ever they really do.

Although Sony has not yet released any official comment about the matter, they have made sentiments that this licensing agreement would send a message to consumers that PS3 Games are worth the value that they are paying for. But as of now, this has yet to be finalized and waited upon.

Another of the issues regarding the release of the PS3 game console is the retail price that Sony wishes to release the unit at. Statistics show that game consoles that have been priced in the past at over $400, did not do so well in the market as those that were priced lower. This is one of the issues about the upcoming release that would prove to be definitive of the game consoles success, ergo the PS3 Games themselves.

However, it would not be surprising at all that Sony has set a great deal of value to its latest model of the PlayStation. There are indeed a lot of technological innovations incorporated into this latest model of the PlayStation series. In addition to that, Sony extended this advancement of gaming technology to the PS3 Games itself.

PS3 Games would be created using Blue Ray discs that would enable it to be able to perform much better because of the increase in storage capacity of the disc itself. In addition to that, Sony has worked alongside NVIDIA to provide a custom graphics processing unit (GPU) which would work together with Sony's gaming technology advances to be able to provide gamers with the astounding gaming experience they had been promising.

Current rumors that PS3 Games and the console itself would most probably come at a higher price than its current competitors, is due to the fact that they have made certain that consumers would definitely be getting what they actually paid for.

Whatever the rumors about the licensing of PS3 Games and the high cost of the PlayStation game console, consumers would simply wait and see for what is going to happen and what they have to offer, once the release day comes. And with all the promising features about the PS3 Games and the console, it has been proven that consumers are actually willing to pay more for something that would really meet their standards.

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