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Ideal Glass Types Used in Home Repair Services

Posted on May 4th, 2018

Glass has proven to be an effective solution to ensure the safety and security of our homes as well as commercial properties. Certain parts of a home or commercial property require increased levels of safety and security. Quality craftsmanship and the choice of glass is a major factor that should be considered while hiring experts to repair your existing glass. The following glasses are two of the strongest used types of glass used by a commercial glass company: (Information Credit – This type of glass is ideal to ensure safety purposes. It is manufactured by use of controlled chemical and thermal treatment processes. The process involved in the manufacturing of this glass enhances its strength in comparison to traditional plate glass. When toughened, the outer surface tends to get compressed, at the same time, the inner surface faces tension which results in the glass resisting breakage. It does not tend to break like traditional “annealed glass”. It just safely shatters to small granular pieces that will not cut. Toughened glass has various commercial applications. For instance, these are used in the manufacturing of shower doors, architectural glass doors and windows, diving masks, windows of motor vehicles, refrigerator trays and doors.

The toughened glass will have the following features:

Toughened glass can be of two distinct types: Fully treated and heat strengthened.

Fully treated or fully tempered glass is stronger and far more durable in comparison to heat treated and annealed glass. It can resist extreme temperatures used in ovens, and baking appliances. On the other hand, heat strengthened glass has more strength than window glass, but less than the above mentioned fully treated glass. The difference arises due to the excess stress effect on the surface of the glass and its edges.

  1. Laminated glass: This category of glass is known for holding together when it is shattered and stays in the frame. In the course of breaking, the interlayer constituted of Polyvinyl Btyric (PVB) holds it together to avoid crumbling to keep it from shattering into small particles. Laminated glass comprises of two or more layers of glass with a PVB layer. This layer bonds the other layers together for additional strength. In case that it is impacted, it shatters into big pieces. These pieces remain together which results a spider web pattern.

Uses of laminated glass: Laminated glass has some common applications like skylight gazing, store fronts, automobile windshields, windows and curtain walls in geographical areas susceptible to hurricanes. Moreover, the glass is equipped with sound insulation properties and the capability to block UV radiations on account of the PVB interlayer.

On account of their properties, these two are the ideal types of glass used in repair services.

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