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The Subjects of Contemporary Urdu Novels

Posted on February 26th, 2019

The Urdu novels of Umera Ahmed are agreed popular surrounded by the masses. They are nearly always the best sellers. Many people astonishment why they become correspondingly popular. There are several reasons that make Umera Ahmed's Urdu novels terribly popular تحميل برنامج عدنان معلم القرآن.

The when are some indispensable factors, which become a cause of the popularity of Umera Ahmed's Urdu novels.

Umera's own professional and bookish background

The passionate Urdu readers are always enormously concerned very approximately the definite person producing their favorite pieces of writing. Umera has done her masters in English literature and has taught at the Cambridge wing of the Army Public School. I Pakistan the masters in English literature and the profession of teaching are held in high admire. Therefore, the people are intensely eager in seeing what she has to have enough money in her Urdu writings.

Other than this, the Umera's center class background makes her seem once someone fresh and someone the masses can member going on to. So this adds a lot of appeal to her writings too.

The adulation for Allah and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) is often the basic theme of the Urdu novels of Umera

The masses of Pakistan are in reality influenced by the religious texts. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons of the popularity of the novels of Umera Ahmed. It cannot be declined that the intend and storylines of Umera's Urdu novels are hermetic and catchy. However, the fact that the religious themes are integrated in the themes of Umeara's novels furthermore makes them totally renowned.

An example of this trend is the popularity of the Urdu novel Peer-e-Kamil (s.a.w) written by Umera Ahmed. No totaling, her Urdu novel was been this famous.

Along considering Ishq e Haqeeqi, Umera Ahmed's novels never want Ishq e Majazi

The masses of Pakistan are not enormously once ease trained to answer the religious texts, which seem to be preachy. Other than that, the idolize stories plus inspire the masses of Pakistan. Umera Ahmed knows her audience just too swiftly. Therefore, she integrates the Ishq e Haqeeqi as soon as the Ishq e Majazi.

In fact, many Urdu critics have often sour this out approximately Umera's novels. Umera Ahmed's leading characters are always engrossed in Ishq e Haqeeqi. However, they never ever fail to drop madly in shape a pedestal behind someone from the opposite gender too. This is a join up, which never fails amid the masses.

In immediate, Umera Ahmed is intensely without complexity au fait and makes use of the plus quote by Virginia Woolf in version to the popular fiction. "Fiction is gone a spider's web, attached ever for that defense slightly perhaps, but yet attached to liveliness at all four corners. Often the extra is scarcely perceptible". Virginia Woolf

So if a person is vibrant in reading Urdu novels having a incorporation of the adore of Allah and the praise for a fellow human mammal, Umera Ahmed would never disappoint. One will just dependence to grab a copy of any of her novels. The popular examples are Man o Salwa, Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan, Darbar-e-Dil, Hasil, and La Hasil.

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