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7 Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage

Posted on March 4th, 2019

Storage facilities can be as simple as just a wooden or metallic cubicle and can also be as complex as a climate-controlled storage unit. What determines the kind of storage that one chooses is the ability or lack of it thereof of an item to remain intact regardless of the conditions. Some items are more sensitive to harsh weather and abrupt climate changes than others. Again, there are items that will not be affected by dust as long as it is wiped off every once in a while. For one to opt for climate-controlled storage, they are most likely dealing with items that get easily damaged by extreme heat or cold. A reliable partner in this is climate controlled storage units Aurora. The following are seven items that will require this kind of storage:

  1. Leather

Whether it is used in furniture or body wear, leather is one material that is highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. When exposed to extreme heat or humidity, leather items will either crack up or get mildew. These unpleasant effects not only make leather items unsightly but also easy to damage. You will find that unprotect furniture will age faster and shoes will crack up and sooner than later they will tear.

  1. Wine

All wine lovers can tell when wine does not look or taste like it did originally. When it is not properly stored, wine does not only lose its original color but also tastes differently. This is because fluctuating temperatures give it a metallic taste and also cause oxidation that leads to yellowing. Wine should be kept as fresh as possible otherwise one will be creating a health hazard by not doing so.

  1. Some Fabrics

Most clothes can do well under ordinary storage where one does not need any special facilities. However, there are certain clothes that will get affected by extreme heat or cold. These are the kinds that need to be stored in climate-controlled storage units. This will keep them from discoloring when it gets too hot or growing mold when the humidity is high. Climate-controlled cloth cabinets will keep clothes free from dust and general dirt thanks to the high-quality conditioning. This increases their durability and keeps them presentable.

  1. Artwork

Artists make their items from either wood, clay, metal or other materials each of which can react to extreme climate conditions. For instance, wood will warp or crack when exposed to high heat for a long time. Again, the metal will rust when the humidity is high. To avoid these damages, one can secure storage that will regulate both temperatures and humidity on the inside. Again, the clean air that circulates in these storage units will keep the art items clean and presentable.

  1. Books and Paper Documents

Paper is sensitive to both extremely high and low temperatures. Long exposure to high temperatures will cause it to yellow while high humidity will cause dampness and mildew. For one to store their books and paperwork for long, considering a climate-controlled storage unit would be necessary. The conditions of such storage will also keep away destructive pests. This kind of storage also helps to keep the documents eligible since the wording remains intact.

  1. Electric Appliances

Most household appliances are delicate and need extra storage measures. However, the electric ones are a bit more sensitive to fluctuating temperatures and can easily get damaged if not stored well. Whether it is a dishwasher, microwave or any other appliance, storing it in a climate-controlled unit will lengthen its days and keep it in a good state. This will be done by avoiding overheating and moisturizing of the items since these are the causes of most damages.

  1. Musical Instruments

Most musical instruments react under extreme heat and can easily get damaged if over-exposed to such conditions. For instance, pianos can easily lose their keys when exposed to high temperatures or high humidity. Drums and percussions also lose their tune when it gets too cold and will require a rise in temperature again without overheating.

The choice of a suitable storage method is determined by how different conditions affect that item. This means apart from the items discussed here, there are many more that will require climate-controlled storage.

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