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I'm a boring stay-at-home mom

Posted on May 8th, 2019

I'm a boring stay-at-home mom 19 and 20 23 bags of candy couponing is what gets me through my saying because cuz Laurie is a huge skeptic when it comes to couponing go over tonight got some coupons see what the big thing is all about and then going through tomorrow and see if she can convince me I know I can just take her shopping I could turn her into a coupon believer Laurie hey hey family about months stock up on the free so I had to keep one and it looks like they're on sale for .99 cash bags if they don't give it back in a gift card so I have to find some type of way to spend it so I'm gonna walk around a little bit and see what I'm gonna spend my two dollars on okay guys so this is crazy I was thinking why not come back to the clearance section and use the two dollars I'm getting back to spend on more clearance so then my eyes immediately came to the L'Oreal ever appeared now they're marked for two dollars on clearance and we have a two dollar back I bought a rebate I'm gonna scan them to see if they're really two dollars or not so let's see together if they're two dollars oh oh my gosh they're only one dollar in this store so wait a minute is that really wow they're only one dollar and I bada is still gonna give me back two dollars oh my gosh I was trying to spend the money that I'm gonna make from the Herbal Essences and now I'm making more so now my total is up said three dollars made and I bought a says I can do it twice so now I'm up to four dollars profit I was trying to spend it but I don't know now I'm making money but you know what with the two dollars that I'm making with my Herbal Essences I think I'm going to just with the two dollars that I'm gonna make right here with the Herbal Essences I think I'm gonna use that two dollars at the register to pay for these bad boys and then when I submit my receipts ibotta then I'll just end up getting that four dollars right back oh my gosh guys this is a four dollar moneymaker oh my gosh I'm trying to explain it there's some kind of in a scanning mood now after scanning that I'm pretty excited so I kind of want to show you guys what this scans at just so you'll kind of know for yourself what I'm saying see it's actually scanning for 150 in this store okay and like I said before in a previous video make sure it's always set to in this store because if it's set to Walmart calm you've got to get a different price see online it's 341 but your store will show you if they have it on clearance or not and then the Old Spice just so you guys will believe me because there's every there's always gonna be somebody who's gonna say oh there's no way that was on sale so let's check one dollar in this store and let's see how much this would have been a Walmart calm 497 so in this story the Old Spice is only one dollar I told you that but you know somebody's out there saying that's not true there's no way that can be true but you just saw it for yourself okay so I'm headed to the line with my few little things and we'll see exactly how much my total comes out to be hopefully it won't be too much hopefully it shouldn't be anything maybe just tax because the Old Spice is free with this one dollar coupon the Herbal Essences are free with the five dollar coupon there's two dollars left over and that should cover each of these and I'm thinking out only pay tags but like I said after I submit my receipt ibotta I should be getting four dollars back so this should be a four dollar moneymaker but we'll see I'm optimistic I hope everything works out okay but I just I want to show you guys that just like I did this at Publix you can't we do this at Walmart okay they don't give you a cash back or a gift card but they do let you use your coupons and their policy is clear okay so if you want to see their policy click the link in the description box below but hopefully this goes well I only have two coupons and I do just kind of plan on getting that money back in a rebate from ibotta so this should be a four dollar moneymaker let's see how it goes hi g lenovo coupons ood thank you it's already off to a great start I just got a super awesome greeting I love when that happens so somebody was saying on my other video that when I talk infront cashiers it has to be planned I'm just a outgoing person so I do a lot of talking I can't help it I talk a lot okay so my total is 


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