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Things That You Can Make With Lavender Flowers

Posted on August 26th, 2019

Who isn't aware of the aroma that lavender flowers spread? The fragrance is famous to the extent that people in ancient times tried to preserve the scent in the chilly season, till the fresh flowers bloomed again. This flower is very soothing and refreshing, attracts birds and butterflies to your garden is drought tolerant (once established) and is low in maintenance. With so many qualities, whats not to love about this flower. But, that's not all, let me give you some more reason to adore lavenders evermore. That is, they can be used in cosmetics, can be eaten and even provides many medicinal properties. 

Now, you must be wondering how to incorporate these flowers in your day to day life to fetch the maximum benefits out of it, right?. Well, over the years, I have seen my grandma do all these naturopathies with all sorts of flowers. Since lavender is used to induce sleep and can be used as a mild antidepressant, so she used to make some homemade portions for the respective flower as my Granpa as he had troubled sleep. Not only this, she even made so many DIY products with lavender and also insisted us to renounce the artificial products and opt for these natural products. Now I understand why she always focused on natural merchandise.   

Today, I am going to tell you some benefits of lavender flowers that will make you order flowers online instantly. 

Lavender infused oils

First, let me tell you how to prepare it. For this, take a jar and fill it halfway through with lavender flowers (dried version). The fill the jar till the brim with your favorite carrier oil. Suggested ones are olive, sunflower, almond, and avocado). Now, talking about the benefits of this oil, it can be rubbed into the flaky scalp, it can soothe itchy bug bites and can be rubbed on restless legs. The shelf life of this infused oil is about nine months to 1 year.

Lavender lotion bar

Did I mention that lavender flower is good for the skin as well?. If not, then the statement mentioned above is correct. And to use lavender onto the skin, you can infuse them into lotion bars. Well for this you don't incorporate lavender directly into the soap bar, but instead, use lavender infused oil. Lotion bars really do wonders for the dry and flaky skin. These lavender lotion bars make unique gift items too. 

Lavender vinegar

All you need is vinegar and some lavender flowers to prepare this beautiful mixture. The prepared mixture recieved has a charming color. Now talking about its uses, lavender vinegar can be used as a hair cleanser, like a flea spray, as a glass cleaner, and as a fabric softener as well. You can google out the preparation methods for the uses mentioned above of vinegar. 

Believe me; you will love it as much as you love rose petal vinegar. 

Lavender bath bombs

Just prepare some bath bombs following any method, just add one more step in the process, that is, infuse lavender oil. You will end up making lavender-scented bath bombs for yourself. If you want to skip the oil, you can even add lavender petals into the bath bomb mixture. Or you can also sprinkle these flowers on the top when you put the mixture into the molds before shaping them. You know, homemade organic products are really in trend, so you can use them as gifting purposes because people really appreciate handmade stuff.

Lavender beverages

Well, as I told you that this flower is edible too, you can use it in a number of beverages. For instance, what about a refreshing lavender soda, and guess the time consumed in preparation? It is just for five minutes. Yes, you read that right. You can even prepare lavender tea; this fragrant tea is capable of curing headaches. Now, I don't find any reason not to try these recipes. 

Eye pillow

As I already mentioned that lavenders promote relaxation and also calms down anxiety, it makes an excellent stuffing for an eye pillow. Well, an eye mask or an eye pillow stuffed with this flower is a great way to inculcate some relaxation in your hectic schedule. You can always purchase one; I'm sure they must be easily available in your area. If not, you can even prepare this eye pillow at home, even if you suck at sewing.

These were some uses of this gorgeous flower.  So, next time you are on a spree to pick herbs from the garden, go for lavenders. If you don't have lavenders available in your garden or nearby, you can get an online flower delivery easily. 

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