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How to recognise fake gemstones

Posted on September 20th, 2019

Natural gemstones are the little bundles of big benefits. They provide you with the solution to every problem and gets you out of any negativity. With the increasing awareness of gemstones efficiency, their demand is increasing daily, which has increased its supply simultaneously.

Two types of gemstones: Heated and Unheated

There are various types of gemstones present in the market but mainly they all are categorized into heated and unheated ones or treated and untreated ones.
Heated gemstones are the ones which have low quality and less authenticity whereas unheated ones are those which possess high quality and are more authentic in nature. The main issue with heated/treated gemstones is this that after going under treatment they lose their healing properties. One end up shopping heated gemstones as they are quite affordable in nature but they are no way helpful.

Fake Gemstones and its adverse effects

Fake gemstones are basically stones made up of almost material as of natural gemstones to give them a similar look. One end up buying these thinking them to be natural ones.
These fake gemstones adversely affect your life

  • Health issues will arise

  • Negativity will surround you

  • Difficulty in maintaining relationships

  • Also, it adversely affects the planets in your horoscope.

Thus, fake gemstones not only hold your good vibes but also promote negativity around you. Just remember the effects of fake gemstones, while buying any stone without certifications.

Gem Market Reality

With the growing popularity of these colored stones, low-quality gemstones are being sold in the market claiming them to be the natural ones. Dealers and suppliers easily sell treated gems by using people's faith in it. In these cases, faith overcomes power and people end up buying fake gemstones.
It’s time to wake up, know the reality and make sure you don’t end up buying these treated stones.

Opt Natural Gemstones over Fake ones

There is no strong method available to distinguish between the fake and real ones. Basic methods to differentiate between them is the color, the shape of the stone and much more just related to physical appearances.
To be sure while buying a gemstone, make sure that you get the proper certification of the gemstone. Also, don’t end up buying fake one thinking it to be cheap. Just remember, the benefits which natural gemstone will provide you with are not comparable to any amount of money. So don’t think about money while buying and get proper certification for the one.

Natural gemstones being Expensive

Natural gemstones are such colored stones which fulfill your life with every happiness, success, prosperity. Main factors affecting the price of natural gemstones:

  • Rarity

  • Endurance

  • Beauty

  • Increased supply

It also depends on your faith that how much you believe in them and have to wait patiently to see how they work wonders for you.

Gemkart is one of the leading brands that provide you with certified natural gemstones, which you can buy online. Gemkart also provides you with gemstone caring kit, essential for your gemstone. Also before buying any gemstone, make sure that you get proper astrological guidance and then only buy natural gemstone from certified dealers only.

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