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Your Company Always Needs SEO Services, Not An SEO Business

Posted on October 3rd, 2019

Let’s be clear about one thing: SEO Services Company is what your business actually needs, not an SEO company.

Who SEO Companies Are

Try to recall some of the horrible experiences you’ve had with SEOs. So, or maybe you improved in ranking as promised, got those traffic visiting your website, got few sales here, another there then … reality dawned on you--your website disappeared from the search results. You’ve just been penalized by Google!

If you remembered quite all right, here’s how the event that culminated into the dip in your rankings (and therefore the eventual penalization of your website from search results) unfolded:

What Exactly SEO for Your Business Should Really Look Like

So, what keywords are you trying to rank for and why are you trying to rank for them? What you should always have in mind when trying to rank for a keyword is to convert a visitor into a customer by getting them to call you or schedule a quote.

Other times, you could have them completing some micro-commitments like form submissions, downloading lead magnets, watching videos, adding items to carts, and other trackable goals.

In that case your first port of call: determine what keywords to rank for and how ranking for those keywords will impact your business.

Before anything else, your website needs to be optimized. Not just the titles and meta descriptions, but for conversions.

Do you really have lead generation forms on every page? Do you have clear calls to action? Is your checkout process simple and short? Are you using microdata? Does your phone number appear at the top and bottom of every page? Does your site pass Google insights?

Wrapping Up

For those SEO companies that are mainly offering their SEO business rather than offering their SEO services; one way to know them is that they always want you to trust them versus them earning your trusts. That way you’ll be easy to manipulate.

The key thing will always be to revisit the purpose of your wanting to do SEO for your business and the criteria with which you’re using to qualify SEO firms. So, the fact that an SEO services company is ranking top on the organic result or whether they came highly recommended shouldn’t replace your responsibility of mainly running a background check on them to see if they have enough industry experience in your niche/space, and/or if they care about their client’s businesses.

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