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An Account On The Best Yoga Retreats In India

Posted on November 27th, 2019

Etymologically speaking, the Sanskrit word Yoga comes from the English word Yoke. The term Yoga means to connect. Connect with God, unite with the divine self and inner core spirit. Thus yoga can be called a science as well as an art. The main aim of yoga is to take an account of all the influence of body and mind and thereby uplifting the spiritualism of the individual.

The blend of yoga and meditation

As mentioned already, yoga doesn’t depict only a few exercises or postures rather yoga makes for a complete set of practices all summing up for spiritual uplifting. They form a complete set of alternative exercises and practices for a healthy body and mind. And if you can have a taste of yoga meditation in Himalayas, the cradle of yoga and spiritual practices, then you are on the right pathway for delving spiritualism. In case you are wondering on how going to a yoga center in Himalaya can actually benefit you, then here are a few benefits.

The benefits

Here are a few of the major benefits you get by practicing meditation with yoga

  • Say goodbye to back pain

It has been seen that regular stretching and exercises help in reducing chronic back pain and improves spinal flexibility to a considerable extent.

  • Relieving from rheumatoid arthritis

Yoga types that come with various belts, blocks, and other positioning props help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis to a great extent. Such props have been shown to relieve chronic inflammatory joints to a great extent.

  • Happy heart

Meditating even for 10 minutes a day regularly helps in lowering stress levels, reducing heart rates, improved circulation, and allows for a better flow of blood.

  • Helps in asthma

Although the science behind is not understood it has been seen that adults with an eight-week yoga mediation course along with proper medication have improved breathing.

  • Improved digestion

Whether its irritable bowel syndromes or flare-ups or other digestive troubles all can be sorted properly by the following yoga with meditation.

  • Overall healthy living

One of the major aspects of a healthy body is healthy living. And a proper practice of yoga and meditation is all it takes to live healthily. From improved sleep to improved food and digestion, from reducing migraine and other risks to having mental clarity a proper regular meditation practice enhances all.

Retreats to look for

With the increasing popularity of yoga and meditation, the number of retreats in India and across the world has increased much fold. However, when you are trying to discover the core of spirituality here are few things to look for the best yoga retreats in India!

  • Check the location: Always choosing locations atop Himalaya terrains is always the best

  • Check the facilities: Note that the leading retreats will have all state-of-the-art amenities

  • Check the bio of the teachers and practitioners

  • Note that not all practitioners follow a similar pattern of teaching, so make sure you are on the same page with them.

So tally up all your requirements and choose the best retreats for yoga meditation now.

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