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Low-Cost Total Disc Replacement Surgery in India

Posted on February 10th, 2020

Overview: Total disc replacement surgery

With Digitization, today’s generation is mostly dependent upon technology. Using electronic gadgets has been done right from searching for things online to setting-up the alarms. Every individual is directly or indirectly using computers and laptops for their day-to-day activities with official work. Sitting continuously in front of laptops and computers has increased back-pain, spine displacement, disc displacement, and other health-related problems. 

Once an individual is uncomfortable sitting at a place for long hours, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the work. Studies have shown that if the patient is suffering from back pain, and even after months of aggressive nonsurgical treatment has failed to release pain, then it is recommended to get spine surgery done. 

Either of the two available back surgery needs to be undertaken, depending upon the type of pain one is going through Spinal fusion or Artificial Disc Replacement (also called as Total Disc Replacement, TDR). Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is one of the pioneer medical tourism platforms in India where one can find A to Z of Total Disc Replacement Surgery with experienced top surgeons at the most affordable prices. 

What is Total Disc Replacement Surgery? 

The spinal cord is a long, delicate tube-like structure that connects the brain stem and continues until the bottom of the spine. The spinal cord carries incoming and outgoing messages from the brain to other parts of the body. Like how meanings protect the brain, similarly, the spinal cord is protected by cartilage. The spinal cord is a collection of discs mounted on top of the other.

Once the discs wear out, it becomes hard to sit without support. It generally does not function the way it should. The backward and forward bending, side-to-side bending, and turning become restricted.

This many times leads to degenerative disc disease. Fortunately, a majority of such patients can be treated with physical therapy, pain-killers, and braces. But there are still some patients who do not respond to non-operative treatment.

These patients need a total disc replacement surgery. Disc Replacement Surgery is now available in India with the most innovative medical science techniques with a great relief of back pain. 

What is the procedure of Total Disc Replacement Surgery? 

The procedure begins with a general anesthesia. The surgeon then carefully makes an incision and exposes the front of the spine. X-ray imaging helps the surgeons to understand and perform the surgery.

The surgeon uses an operating microscope that removes the damaged disc and replaces it with an artificial disc of appropriate size very carefully. Another X-ray confirms the disc placement. The surgery is then completed with a closer to the spinal structure. The surgery typically lasts one to two hours.

What is the recovery time? 

The recovery time depends upon a patient’s ability to perform a movement. However, there would be some discomfort in the early days after surgery.

Activities such as driving should be done with proper assistance. Depending upon your recovery, the surgeon might ask for follow-up appointments. During this appointment, an X-ray imaging would be performed to ensure the disc placement. Your surgeon will discuss physical therapy to be undertaken with medications. 

What care needs to be undertaken after surgery? 

Timely medications, stretching exercises, nutritious meals followed by a sound sleep would surely enable the patient to feel comfortable. Some patients might even need to wear braces. 

How much does a Total Disc Replacement Surgery cost in India? 

The cost of spine surgery in India varies from hospital to hospital and based on the complexity of the procedure. The cost of spine surgery in India is comparatively lower than the western countries. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is your one-stop destination for all your medical requirements starting from medical visa arrangement and accommodation to appointment with the surgeon, medications and transport facility. Get connected; we are just a click away!

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